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For the first time in the industry, we bring top Japanese developers with cutting edge algorithmic trading systems, Forex EA, Forex Robot to the world. The team has amassed over 10 years of experience in asset management and in algorithmic trading in particular.


Our trading strategies are all put through an extremely rigorous vetting procedure and are constantly monitored for performance. Making as much money as possible through EAERA trading systems while also minimizing risk is our focus.


EAERA customer support is available free of charge. Connection charges can vary when calling from outside the area, abroad or from a mobile phone, depending on your specific phone plan.


100% automated trade within your brokerage account using an algorithmic trading system. Seize more opportunities in the marketplace. Set it up and create profit with low risk, 24/5, generating profit for you while you sleep, work and play.


Nothing can last forever without maintenance. We have a solid market research and programming team to constantly monitor performance and make sure the system- Forex EA can hold up into the future. We are alongside you for the duration of your investment.

Best price – maximum results


Manage Fund < $20,000


*Following years: 299$

Trading 5 currency pairs

Free updates

2 Users

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Manage Fund < $50,000


*Following years: 499$

Trading 8 currency pairs

Free updates

2 Users

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If you are fund manager or want to manage bigger funds, please visit our Institutional System page.

How Forex EA Works

 1. Choose your Broker

1. Choose your Broker

We work with all brokers providing MT4 platform. Your money stays in your name at your brokerages, so you know your funds are safe.

 2. Choose your Forex EA System

2. Choose your Forex EA System

We offer 2 quality systems, you decide and purchase from EAERA website.

3. Set it up

3. Set it up

Install the automated trading system into your MT4 trading platform within 3 minutes.

4. Customize your Forex EA

4. Customize your Forex EA

All parameters are fully adjustable in a very easy way.

5. Turn it on

5. Turn it on

The system will trade, and manage your brokerage accounts automatically.

6. Stay in Control

6. Stay in Control

Fully update, 24/7 support services. Monitor trades in real-time.

What Our Membership Includes

Having your own trading system

We’re creating something that even big hedge fund managers would want to use, and believe it is comparable to professional systems — but is easier to use, and you will own it!

Free updates

One of the biggest issues with Forex EA (Forex Robot) trading systems is that many systems do not hold up into the future. With our Japanese market research team, we will provide updates based on projected results for the automated trading systems which we provide execution services for.

Email alerts

We will inform you of events such as extreme volatility and big gaps in foreign exchange trading.

Market report every month

Since you will own an Forex EA (Forex Robot), you may need to know an overview of the market next month. We will help you to have a big picture of the market.

All the Support you Need

Unlimited 24/7 support: Real help, real people. Our dedicated account managers and expert resources are available 24/7, to provide service, training and answers to your specific questions.

Understand your system

EAERA offers you not only a sophisticated and effective Forex EA (Forex Robot) trading systems but also the experience of using the trading system for you and monitors or assists you in active trading.

Want to have your own Forex EA (Forex Robot) system?

A global reach – clients from over 20 countries